Where to sell online

Once you have your resources and have created your first products, what next? You need an online store to sell them in. 

I have been selling online for many years now and I have 3 favourite online stores that I use and would like to recommend to you. These sites offer online stores that are easy to manage and each offers slightly different benefits. You can of course open stores on all 3 of these websites.

Use the links on the left to visit and explore them.


If you are creating digital items Etsy is perfect for selling them as instant digital downloads or as printed images. If you are selling physical items I definitely recommend starting with an Etsy store. It is free to open your store and you pay a small listing fee for each of your items. Follow the menu link for more information and an offer to get your first 40 listings for free. It is very easy to manage your shop and your products will be available worldwide 24/7 (unless you choose to only deliver to the UK). Click for more details.....


Redbubble is brilliant for selling your digital artwork and is very easy to set up and manage, so you can quickly be up and running. Your store is completely free to open and has no listing fees. Instead you set a royalty fee and Redbubble takes care of the making and shipping. You can also use Redbubble to supply you with physical items with your artwork for you to sell. Once uploaded and placed on the products, your artwork will be available to buy 24/7 worldwide. Click for more details....  http://www.redbubble.com/about/selling


Zazzle is another great platform for selling your digital artwork on lots of physical products. Again it is completely free to open and has no listing fees, you make your money by setting a royalty fee and they make and ship all the items for you. You can use Zazzle to supply you with physical items with your artwork on for you to sell. Zazzle's extra bonus is it provides buyers with customisation features including adding their own text or their own image to products - for example they can add their own names and details to wedding invitations etc. all without your help. These can be great earners as people often buy more than one invite, sometimes as many as a hundred, plus you can make matching save the date postcards and thank you cards. Once you have uploaded your image and placed it on the products, it will be available for sale worldwide 24/7. Click for more details...