Modern Cross Stitch Sampler Guide

March 1, 2022

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SatsumaStreet on Etsy

Cross stitch has been around for a very long time and continues to be a popular modern day craft. Cross stitch is simple to learn and easy to do, and is perfect for a mindful timeout whenever you have a few minutes spare. There are thousands of patterns of many different types available as pdf printouts or full kits, so where do you start looking. My guide is an introduction to some of my favourite modern style cross stitch sampler patterns available on Etsy today. There are so many lovely patterns and I can only list a few here, but by visiting these stores, or following the link to My Modern Cross Stitch Sampler Guide on Etsy you will find many, many more patterns to enjoy exploring. Hopefully you will discover lots of new favourite designs you will want to stitch.   

Visit the items in this guide by clicking the image and the individual shops by clicking the link under the image, or VISIT this collection on Etsy.

TheCottageNeedle on Etsy
TeesdaleFelt on Etsy
CrossStitchingLovers on Etsy
Stitchtastic on Etsy
SatsumaStreet on Etsy
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