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New - 'Stitch Across Time'

New for 2024
Seasons Designs

Stitch Across Time

Fun new designs using historical stitches and motifs to make a modern pattern for you to stitch. Featuring wildlife, flowers and trees.

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'Stitch Across Time' shop 

'Stitch A Little Everyday'

'A Year in Stitches'

New - 'A Year in Stitches'

of Mood Tracker pdfs
are now available in a bundle with 25% off.

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 3 free patterns in the bundle. 

'Stitch A Little Everyday'
Find out more about these  easy to follow patterns in Mood Trackers.

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Inspiring John Muir quotes poster collection

Mindful John Muir quotes are now available in my Moodtrackers Zazzle store.
Visit Mood Trackers Zazzle store - select an image then scroll down to transfer this design to other products with one click. There are a 1,000 products to choose from including favourites such as T-shirts, posters & greetings cards. 

These photographs are also available as square images, perfect for  coasters & cushions.

All 1,000 products are fully customisable for you to create your own 'Mindful Moment' gifts for your home, family, friends & everyone you know.

Christmas December Mood Tracker

Christmas December Moodtracker

Christmas Robins set 1

Christmas Robins - set 1

Christmas robins set 2

Christmas Robins - set 2

Christmas Robins set 3

Christmas Robins - set 3

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