Mood Tracker Essentials Guide

February 7, 2022

Disclosure : This post contains affiliate links.

Moonstruck mood trackers uses cross stitch to record your moods as art for your home,  but if you are looking for more traditional mood tracker essentials then this guide will be useful. Mood tracking is a positive technique for improving mental health, wellness and self-care, and offers you an opportunity for a few mindful minutes spent recording, planning, writing, drawing & colouring each day. Here is a guide for everything you need to begin to track and reflect on your goals, habits, moods, physical health, mental health & overall well being. 

Visit the items in this guide by clicking the image and the individual shops by clicking the link under the image, or VISIT this collection on Etsy.

Laineebugco mood trackers
The Yanshi Planner on Etsy
Hearts Eyes Paper on Etsy
Mood Tracker Essentials Guide at and
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