Floss & Silk Thread Shopping Guide

April 19, 2022

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Looking for floss & silk thread for your next project but not sure where to start? Looking for inspiration for colour schemes for your pattern?
Here I have listed floss & silk thread from my favourite Etsy stores and have included images of a variety of their beautiful products for you to explore and hopefully help you find the perfect resources for your cross stitch or embrodiery projects. 
Here you will find examples of different types of thread for stitching - I do recommend visiting the individual stores to see their full resources on offer as I can only offer a taste with this guide. Some of these examples are in colour way collections, others can be purchased as individual threads, and some are included in full kits ready to stitch or are selected to stitch a particular project.  

There are so many lovely threads available, in so many beautiful colours and I can only list a few here, but by visiting these stores or following the link to
My Floss & Silk Thread Guide on Etsy I can take you to where you will discover lots more silk threads & floss choices offering ideas to help you find the perfect materials to use to stitch your cross stitch or embrodiery projects. 

Note: Threads from these stores are very popular and will sell quickly and as they are hand made may be one of a kind. Therefore some of my examples may have already been purchased but these stores will have many other threads available for you to choose from with new ones being added all the time - just click the link below the image to visit their shop homepage where you will have access to their full available collection of threads. 

Visit the items in this guide by clicking the image and the individual shops by clicking the link under the image, or VISIT this collection on Etsy.


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