Sell on Zazzle

Shop & Create on Zazzle

Zazzle is not quite as simple to set up as other online stores but it has a massive worldwide customer base and is well worth the effort. I have had many more sales from Zazzle than my other stores to date.

Once you have uploaded your image you can begin adding it to products, and there are lots of products to choose from. You can do this one at a time on individual products or you can use the 'Quick Create' function. If you use this I recommend doing it in stages with a few products at a time and not all of them at once - I have had some hiccups were a discontinued product has stalled the process at the last click. 

Good clear descriptive titles are on also important on Zazzle as it has a massive product base, along with relevant SEO (keywords that describe your products). Think about what you or customers might type in the search box to find your products and be sure to include these.

As always it is important to market your products once they are available via the usual social media options. I find Pinterest generates the most clicks and visits but I know a lot of people find instagram to be very good, not forgetting Facebook and twitter.

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