Sell on Etsy

How to start selling on Etsy  -  'GET 40 FREE LISTINGS'

Etsy operates marketplaces where millions of people around the world connect, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique goods. Here you can sell both physical products and digital items with instant download options.

If you are looking to sell online Etsy is a great starting place - it is a huge marketplace, trusted and popular with people around the world. There is lots of help and advice available for new sellers and a forum with tons of useful information. 

Etsy charges a small listing fee but if you use this link to sign up now - you and I will 'GET 40 FREE LISTINGS' to use when you open your Etsy shop. 

This means there are no fees for the first 40 items you offer for sale in your store. You don't have to use them right away, just be certain to click the link before you open your store. 

Not sure you are ready - not a problem, if you do it now you will have the free listings and they will be ready and waiting for you once you are ready to start selling.

Etsy has an excellent store management system that makes it easy to add new products once your are familiar with the process. There is quite a lot of setup to get your shop ready before opening but once this is in place you are ready to start selling. 

Good clear descriptive titles are crucial on Etsy along with relevant SEO (basically keywords that describe your products). Think about what customers might type in the search box to find products and include these and ensure you use all the available keyword slots.

As always it is important to market your products once they are available via the usual social media options. I find Pinterest generates the most clicks and visits but I know a lot of people find instagram to be very good, not forgetting Facebook and twitter.  

Take a look at Etsy